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March Break (Or Anytime) Activity Ideas

10 Fun Activities for Kids

March Break Activities

1. Kid swap with a friend. You take their kids (+ your own) for the morning and they take the bunch for the afternoon. The kids will entertain each other and you get a half day of "me time". 

2. Board game day. Dust off monopoly, operation and clue and get your game on.

3. Family friendly destination. If you trek out to a museum, indoor playground, science centre or zoo - keep in mind a lot of other families are doing the same on your day off. Plan for crowds, take snacks and breath deeply.

4.  Hit the library. Call ahead even to find out if they are running special *insert day off name here* programs like puppet shows, library bingo or craft times. I like to place holds on a bunch of Disney, Nickelodeon and Pixar DVDs ahead of time so that we have a plethora of new movies to watch - for free.

5.  Take advantage of others. Should Grandpa, auntie June or friend Fred offer to take the kids out on an adventure - say YES. A favourite adventure here is for a grown up to take the kids on the subway down to Union station - walk the indoor PATH - and go to a cinnamon bun store.  I'm all for adventures with a KISS (keep it simple silly!).

6.  Play outside. Playground, school yard, back yard, barn yard, skating rink, basketball court, soccer field...whatever you've got...take advantage of fresh air and exercise.

7.  Have a play date...for you and kids. Instead of just swapping kids (see #1) host a group play date of kids and parents. Kids are entertained. You get to hang with friends. Sounds perfect.

8.  Build something. Lego, snow fort, blanket tent in the living room, a homemade chocolate creators.

9. Errandspalooza. Print out an image grocery list and have the kids do the shopping. While at the bank open a savings account for and with the kids. At the gas station have place bets on if you can hit $49.99 on the spot - winner chooses lunch.

10. Flake out. A day off is to be enjoyed.


Photo by Ben Wicks on Unsplash