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Homosexuals in Hockey

Why Does It Matter?

"Homosexuals in Hockey"

This was a shock tag line I heard on the radio the other day. I thought to myself? In this day and age, what does sexual orientation have to do with sports? Then days after, my kids asked me what is "gay"... 

The shocking tag-line did its job. It shocked me.  I googled "homosexuals in hockey" and came up with 5,680,000 results. Interestingly, "heterosexuals in hockey" had no results found. I guess the latter is just not a good headline.

My personal opinion? Sexual orientation has no effect on team sports. Or individual sports. Or the army for that matter. I have cheered on friends in the Toronto Pride parade. We have friends who are same-sex families. I am in awe of anyone who excels, whether it is in sports or family, regardless of what gender they cuddle up with at night.

And what did I tell my kids when they asked what "gay" is?  I copped out - at first.

"It means happy" I told them.

Of course they persisted.  "X said I'm gay" my daughter told me. 

So, I took back my cop out. And answered, respectfully, yet age appropriately, their questions about "gay" and same "sex-ed-ness". They understood yet were unimpressed. "Who cares about that?" my other daughter said.

In this day and age, who really does care about homosexuals in hockey?...or in life?...those who wish to shock I guess. 

Headlines and recess lines have something in common; both are poor information carriers these days.