Caroline Fernandez: Activity Mummy


5 Great Canada Day Activities

Time To Get Your Canuck On!

O Canada! Let's stand on guard for thee and fill our holiday weekend with fun Canada Day themed activities for the whole family. Ready. Set. Time to get your Canuck on!

Find Canada on a globe (or map).  What country is it on top of?  What water is beside it? If you were to travel from France to Canada how would you go?

Draw a Canada flag on a round paper plate.  Use it to decorate your windows, fridge, outside railing or even your wagon.  Show your Canadian pride everywhere you go!

Play a red and white scavenger hunt around your house.  Red apples in the kitchen.  White soap in the bathroom.  You can even take it outside (with an adult) and look for red and white stop signs.

Build an Inukshuk out of stones.  Kinda looks like a person doesn't it?

Name all the things you can think of which come from Canada.  Hockey players, singers, actors, inventions—essayez de le faire en anglais et en français—parce que le Canada a deux langues officielles!