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Easy Kid Valentine's Day Activities

Be my valentine

How do I love thee? Let me craft the ways. Here are some easy kid-led activities for Valentine's day for your little ones to "show" their Valentine love.

Heart in hot chocolate

Have the kids drizzle chocolate in the shape of a heart or have them "draw" a heart shape, with a straw, in the foamy bubble-goodness of their hot chocolate.  It's kinda like a hug in a cup.

Baby footprints

A special Valentine's present from baby to parent (or grandparent)—paint their foot with non-toxic paint (I like Crayola paints) and press down on a piece of paper.  It's a great souvenir of their childhood and image of what love can make.

Write a love letter

Know how you write a #FF on twitter you should add a sentence as to why it's great to follow that person? Same should be done for a special valentine. Don't just send a valentine to the teacher—have your child draw a picture or write a sentence as to WHY that teacher is special (You smile at us. You help me with my reading.  You make school nicer.) Same goes for a parent, sibling, aunt, karate teacher or whomever. Make a valentine that much more special by showing why the specific valentine is so special to your child. 

Homemade Valentine's Day Cards

Yes, I have been guilty of last minute run to the drug store to buy cartoonish factory-made valentines (nothing wrong with it). But in this age of "every kid in class has to have a valentine" buying store-bought cards can get pricey. 

Homemade Valentine's Day cards are simple to make and can be the project-of-the-week—doing a few a night leading up to Feb. 14th (if you are doing for the whole class). All you need is some red or white paper, scissors and some markers to decorate. 

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