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Ear infections and babies

Finding the right fix for baby

Google “ear infections and babies” and you get 15,600,000 results. Well, make that 15,600,001 because this post is about ear infections, babies and a parent’s challenge in finding the fix. The right fix for your baby.

DS (12 mos) is on his 5th ear infection in 4 months. That is five rounds of antibiotics. FIVE. And after I researched, read and wrote THIS connecting autism and antibiotics…I think 5 is way too many.

If you have been following my tweets—I have been tweeting about this (a lot).

Ear infections suck.  Waiting 4 months to see an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist in a mega-city sucks more. Surely, he will get more infections between now and then.  And I will have to decide whether to give him more antibiotics or manage it with pain reliever (which I guess doesn’t take care of the infection—but is it fluid build up or a virus?  I’m confused about this).

Tubes sound like a silver lining. But putting a baby under general anesthetic is a scary thing. I hear it’s a 10-minute procedure and pretty easy on the kids (actually, I’ve heard it will be tougher on me than him).

And then, there are those good souls who recommend seeing a naturopath. Again, something I know nothing about—but isn’t fluid not draining a structural issue rather than environmental? Like plumbing pipes not quite at the right angle to drain.

And what do I do if I go the tube route? Will he have to wear ear plugs in the bath? Is all this fluid back-up going to affect his speech or hearing? Will all these antibiotics build up a super immunity?

Gah—I wish there was a manual for parents. Here’s your baby and here’s your user guide—check out the chapter on ear infections!

So, dear friends, an activity for your ear-tugging, grumpy, non-eating baby with an ear infection....lots of cuddles and follow-up calls for cancellations at the specialist's office.