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Best Tips For Your Disney Vacation

Advice on Disney souvenirs, parades, rides and more

I just back from my first trip to Disneyland (California Park). Being a Disney newbie, I didn't know what to expect but along my magical adventure I gleaned some tips to share...

1st time visitors. When you get your tickets at the box office mention you are a 1st time visitor. They give you a souvenir pin (FREE). As you would expect, souvenir shops are a plenty on the park grounds (and pricey) so to keep your souvenir budget down—keep your ticket stubs and take lots of pictures for your scrapbook.

Stroller Parking. I was amazed at the organized stroller parking at rides. On the baby-at-Disney topic—I loved that there were at least four changing stations in women's washrooms so you didn't have to wait to change a diaper. Also, smart Disney has a nursing area, extra diapers and formula for purchase at the child services office (saved my bacon!).

The Parade. Get your curbside spot at least a half hour before the Disney parade (spots fill up fast). Blankets are good to sit on or wrap up if the evening is chilly.

Switch pass. While waiting (meaning walking back and forth with baby in my arms) for my dh and big kids to ride autotopia a Disney cast member gave me this good tip...if you have a child unable to ride (like a baby) you can ask for a switch pass—whereby when the adult and big kids who are riding are done you the "waiting parent" hand off baby and bypass the same ride line to ride get your turn to ride with the big kids.

Shows. There are Disney stage shows throughout the day at different locations. Be sure to ask a cast member for a listing of where and when the shows are running (a Disney cleaner gave us the listing).

Crowds. We went on a long weekend (bad idea—it was le crazy!). If you can schedule to visit Disney mid-week you can probably have a more magical experience.

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