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Cough and Cold Medicine For Children

What's Safe?

Do we or don’t we? Should we or shouldn’t we? Is it going off the shelves or staying on? The information on children’s cough and cold medicine is, frankly, confusing for parents. It’s time to bring a bit of clarity to the cough and cold conundrum.

My dear daughter 2 is a chronic cold cougher. With every cold, she gets a cough, which makes her cough and cough until she throws up (ugh!). As an experienced Mom of this particular child, I know this is not out of the ordinary for her and thus can be managed at home (rather than a doctor’s visit). We get her to drink more liquids, humidifier in her room, warm baths, raising her head by inverting a binder and putting it under her mattress (she coughs less when her head is elevated). My husband is a big “give her medicine” proponent however I have been the “I hear we shouldn’t give kids kid cold medicine anymore” follower (where, I heard that I can’t tell you – really – have no idea where I heard that – for some reason I think I’ve heard that).

Upon doing some personal research I found: data supports not giving cough and cold medicine to infants and young children as they cannot effectively communicate their symptoms nor any adverse effects they may encounter from over the counter products.  However, big kids can communicate – and benefit – from cough and cold medicine.  As long as it’s accurately dosed.

More is not more when giving medicine to kids – that’s called overdosing – and it’s bad.  Parents need to give an accurate dose based on weight (not age – example: my 9 year old weighs the same as my 11 year old).

I’ve given my big kids liquid over-the-counter medicines and they do the trick.  However, since I’ve had baby– dosing out liquid medicine is trick-y…hold baby in one arm, twist off cap with the other, pour and measure meds…you get the picture…I need another arm to give medication.  My new go-to is strips – like Triaminic ThinStrips – where the meds are dosed on each strip. No mess.  No fuss.  Easy and accurate - every time.

Confusion is no good when a child is sick.  Parents want safe solutions.  Fast.  Because the quicker your child gets better…well?…all the better for the whole family.

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