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Canadian Restroom Locator

This will change how families travel!

I wish I had known about The Cross-Canada Powder Room on my last family road trip.  It maps approx. 800 public restrooms across Canada – and just coming off a pregnancy where my bladder was reduced to the size of a walnut – knowing restroom locations is a travel-saver!  For me…and the kids…

Our last road trip was driving from Toronto to Detroit.  The kids wanted us to stop.  I wanted us to stop (those darn Kegels haven’t kicked in yet).  We kept saying “we’ll stop at the next rest room”.  And we drove. And we drove.  And we drove.  We drove until we were all doing the pee dance in our seats.  It was agony and anxiety both at the same time.

Which is why I’m bookmarking (and sharing with you, dear readers) Initially developed to support those with an overactive bladder, The Powder Room’s map locates restrooms across Canada in English (et disponible en français aussi!).  

Aside, on that Detroit road trip, we stopped at a big chain restaurant only to find there was no change table in either men’s or women’s restrooms. And I couldn’t change the babe in his stroller because it couldn’t fit in the restroom!  The comment section at The Powder Room allows for people to share information like facilities, accessibility, cleanliness, lineups and more. I would have noted a #FAIL for that big chain’s lack of baby changing facilities and accessibility.

Everyone has to pee.  There’s the "overactive bladder pee".  The "misjudged how much the kids drank before they got in the car pee".  The "laughed too hard pee".  The "coughing pee".  (On that road trip, we had the "Mommy, I think its coming pee").  In my last trimester, I did actually limit travel just because I didn’t think my bladder could take the journey (oh the places we could have gone…)

Next road trip, I’ll be mapping our pit stops with The Cross-Canada Powder Room Map (and now that there is a mobile friendly version – I can do it en route!). 

The Powder Room wants to help Canadian families “fuel” their next road trip with a contest to win free gas.  You are invited to share your own restroom experiences; telling Canadians why your family road-trip deserves to be “fueled” by The Powder Room. So get the contest details now and while you’re entering you can map out your next trip!


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