Caroline Fernandez: Activity Mummy


Black History Month

Henry Ford and Rosa Parks taught my kids about black history

My kids had a lesson in black history during a trip to the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit, MI (one of THE best, kid-friendly, museums we have visited) this past summer. As we walked through the museum, we entered a room and saw this bus. 

The Rosa Parks bus. And my kids got the chance to board that infamous bus—exploring history hands-on while reading how Rosa refused to give up her seat to a white passenger.  It sparked a big conversation between my kids and me about civil rights and human rights.













Because it is Black History Month, I thought that this experience could be an interesting discussion activity to have with older kids...Can you imagine being sent to the back of the bus?  Would you move or would you stand your ground? 

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has a page on Black History Month In Canada which could also spark some conversation.