Homosexuals in Hockey

Why Does It Matter?

Homosexuals in Hockey

"Homosexuals in Hockey"

This was a shock tag line I heard on the radio the other day. I thought to myself? In this day and age, what does sexual orientation have to do with sports? Then days after, my kids asked me what is "gay"... 

The shocking tag-line did its job. It shocked me.  I googled "homosexuals in hockey" and came up with 5,680,000 results. Interestingly, "heterosexuals in hockey" had no results found. I guess the latter is just not a good headline.

My personal opinion? Sexual orientation has no effect on team sports. Or individual sports. Or the army for that matter. I have cheered on friends in the Toronto Pride parade. We have friends who are same-sex families. I am in awe of anyone who excels, whether it is in sports or family, regardless of what gender they cuddle up with at night.

And what did I tell my kids when they asked what "gay" is?  I copped out - at first.

"It means happy" I told them.

Of course they persisted.  "X said I'm gay" my daughter told me. 

So, I took back my cop out. And answered, respectfully, yet age appropriately, their questions about "gay" and same "sex-ed-ness". They understood yet were unimpressed. "Who cares about that?" my other daughter said.

In this day and age, who really does care about homosexuals in hockey?...or in life?...those who wish to shock I guess. 

Headlines and recess lines have something in common; both are poor information carriers these days.


64 Fun Activities For Kids

Fun and Inexpensive Ways to Keep them Occupied

64 Fun Activities For Kids

Here are some fun activities to suggest to the kids when you hear the inevitable statement: “Mom, I'm Bored!”

1. Kick a soccer ball
2. Play catch
3. Play basketball
4. Run an egg race
5. Potato sack race
6. Read a book
7. Write a book
8. Create a comic book
9. Write a song
10. Draw a picture
11. Play cards
12. Play dress up
13. Role play
14. Have a tea party
15. Play hop-scotch
16. Play Lego
17. Jump rope
18. Skip
19. Hula hoop
20. Ride a bike
21. Skate board
22. Dig for worms
23. Build a snowman
24. Play spy
25. Play office
26. Play school
27. Draw with chalk
28. Jump in leaves
29. Play trucks
30. Play trains
31. Jump on your shadow
32. Trace the outline of your shadow
33. Put together a jigsaw puzzle
34. Play with play dough
35. Play board games
36. Blow bubbles
37. Clean your room
38. Dance in the living room
39. Pretend to be an animal
40. Make handprints
41. Trace handprints
42. Look out the window
43. Practice tying shoes
44. Sort rocks
45. Play with water
46. Play with sand
47. Play with oatmeal flakes
48. Decorate a cardboard box
49. Fly paper airplanes
50. Sing
51. Jump
52. Hold your breath (kidding!)
53. Staring contest
54. Play leapfrog
55. Make faces in the mirror
56. Colour
57. Put on a puppet show
58. Play with toys (ingenious!)
59. Play Frisbee
60. Weed the garden
61. Do a treasure hunt
62. Play tag
63. Make a collage from magazine pictures
64. Write a letter to Santa/The Tooth Fairy/Michael Jackson/Other Magical Creature


American Idol Birthday Party

A Kid and Mom Approved Playlist

American Idol Birthday Party

In planning this weekend's 8-year old "American Idol" birthday party, I came upon a bit of a challenge...creating a playlist that did not reference sex, drugs or a bottle of Jack. 

My kids LOVE American Idol and I'm amazed they can remember all the singers' names, but forget to put their glasses in the dishwasher (an obvious priority issue there!). So my 8-year old wanted an "American Idol" party and I thought...I can make that happen.

Shameless Recommendation: Papa Noel brought this microphone (he got it from Mastermind Toys) and I highly recommend it for any 4-8 year old who loves to sing. It has one headset microphone and a "stage type" microphone so two kids can sing side-by-side. You can also hook it up to your iPod making it instant karaoke. 

Now, for this playlist I consulted with Connie (YMC B-sides blogger) for her suggestions and as it turns out, this kid and mom approved list is not only great for birthday parties it also wouldn't be bad for a road trip.

Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out of My Head

U2 - Beautiful Day

Cake - Mahna Mahna

Crazy Frog - Blue

Jonas Brothers - BB Good

To that I added:

Jennifer Lopez - On the Floor

Village People - YMCA

Las Ketchup - The Ketchup Song

Willow Smith - Whip my hair

The Gummy Bear Song - don't know who sings it

The Chipmunks - I Gotta Feeling

 But the song that was played over and over again?!

The Chicken Dance - Hampton the Hamster