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Allowing Allowance - Yes or No?

Should you or shouldn't you give allowance to kids

I'm a NO on the giving kids allowance for helping around the house.  Personal choice.  My feeling is that the world is made of HAVE TO's and PAID TO's.  And my child making her bed falls into the HAVE TO category.  Just like I have to make my own bed.  Fair's Fair in love, war and household chores.

Because making a bed is not PAID TO worthy in my world.  Everyone has to make a bed.  Just like everyone has to brush their teeth.  And wipe their bum.  You. Just. Have. To.

You don't get money for taking out the garbage.  Or cleaning your room.  Just like I don't get a salary for making dinner (not that what I make would actually earn very much. #NotACordonBleu).  I think that chores are part of your responsibility in being part of a family.  You chip in.  You help out.  You do your part.

I have the same opinion about getting money for grades.  I'm a NO on that too.  Getting good grades is a HAVE TO for me.  You have to do your best in school.  And the gratification is the good grade...getting to the next grade...getting smarter (so that one day you will get a good job, move out and make money of your own).

My kids don't ask for allowance.  Because pretty much they know they aren't getting it. 

Does this make me horrible?  Am I missing a #teachablemoment here?