Caroline Fernandez: Activity Mummy


Activities and Outings For School Breaks

Kid entertainment during holidays

No camp or vacation plans during school breaks? No worries! I've got a go-to list fabulous activities and outings to do with kids to keep them busy and you organized (and maybe even tire them out enough to go to bed early!).

Swimming. Many city pools have FREE family swim times during school breaks. Physical activity and free go well together n'est pas?

Public libraries. Heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer the library is a great family destination. (Note to self: sign up for baby reading time)

Pet store. Oooh puppies, kittens, spiders and rats. It's kinda like going on a trip to the zoo but free.

Swap kids.  Host a playdate at your place (boardgames anyone?) and then have your friend host the kids. It gives each of you a kid time-out (and other kids are usually good entertainment).

Get Out! Summer -> playgrounds. Winter -> sledding. Whatever the season, get outdoors and get play.

Be a tourist in your city. Visit a museum, science centre or art gallery. Many have special discount times so be sure to check websites when planning your trip.

B a sk8ter! Summer -> roller skate. Winter -> ice skate. TIP: consignment shops are good places to get deals on gently used skates at a decent price. 

Movies. Movies are easy (and a treat). Go to the theatre, watch on demand at home or borrow from the public library.

Cook. Have the kids make a list, grocery shop and make lunch. You have to eat anyway so why not make it an activity for the kids?!

Computer time. "Mom can I go on the computer?" is often heard in my house (and it's a treat when I relent and say yes). And I have youtube issues after the time my kids found annoying orange on youtube (and yes, he's annoying).  Here are my kid site recommendations (no annoying fruit of any kind)...

Have a favourite family activity to share? Add it in the comments. We all need a few new ideas to make school breaks organized.