Caroline Fernandez: Activity Mummy


5 Great Travel Activities for Kids

Take the "I'm bored" out of family travel

How much further?! Are we there yet?! I'm bored! Whether you are traveling by boat, plane, train or bus...these 5 activities will keep your kids entertained so you can drive, sleep or tweet (not all at the same time of course).

 The dreaded e-entertainment. Yes, we live in a world where electronics can babysit our kids—like it or not. From a Sesasme Street video podcast to playing fruit ninja to learning baby sign language there is a ton of hand held electronic entertainment available for all ages.

 A dollar store toy on the hour. Load up on a variety of dollar store items and hand one out every hour of the trip.  The pro is that the items are new and new is generally entertaining in the kid world. It is also a relatively small investment so if something gets lost en route you aren't out big bucks.

 Crayons & paper. Old school, yet still cool—crayons and paper can provide heaps-o-fun. From tic tac toe to hangman to drawing pictures to writing a thank you card to a flight attendent that gave out extra snacks (yes, we did that!)...crayons and paper are easy fun.

 Snacks. Good Ghandi thank blog that snacks can be entertaining. Keeps hands busy and mouths closed. Need I say more?

 Alphabet brainstorms. My kids LOVE this. Go through the alphabet and have them come up with an answer. "Name a fruit that starts with C." "Name a country that starts with S." You can do it with almost anything. Cost is free. And no batteries required.