Caroline Fernandez: Activity Mummy


5 Candy-Free Easter Ideas

Alternatives For Easter Treats

Here are five easy candy-free Easter treat ideas to give to your kids this year:

 An Outfit. They have to wear clothes anyway (every day, I'm told), so an outfit is practicial, yet something fun to your little fashionista. Stores are having loads of spring sales, so you can sure find a good buy, for less than $15.

 An Activity. Craft, book, or even play dough—give them something to entertain themselves, while you create these Easter Brunch recipes

 An experience. From a homemade coupon to go to the zoo, to a pass to bake cookies with Dad—an experience with a parent (or any other beloved adult) is a great treat!

 A Game. Board or video - games can entertain and build skills (and keep them out of the kitchen, while you are making aforementioned brunch).

 An outside toy.  Soccer ball, skipping rope, chalk, or bug catcher—spring is a perfect time to get outside and play. 

We keep our candy-free Easter treats surprising, by setting up an in-house scavenger hunt. The kids get a map from the Easter bunny, leading them to their first clue (hidden inside a dollar store Easter egg). The kids hunt for eggs and clues throughout the house, which eventually lead them to their treat.  It's a great tradition, which the kids LOVE.

Get hopping with even more ways to help you with your Easter entertaining, get crafty with your kids, and celebrate chocolate.