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Top Five Beach Essentials For Kids

This Will Make Your Beach Day Even Better!

beach tips and tricks for famiies

A day at the beach (in sunny, hot weather) is always good. However, these top five beach essentials for kids will make your beach day even better! Inspired by Loukia's Top Five Summer Beach Essentials — I gathered together some beach essentials for kids.

Beyond towels and water bottles and sunscreen and sun hats, these five things will make family beach time easier. 

  1. Baby powder to remove sand. This is a great beach tip to get sand out off of sandy feet (and other parts) when you are ready to leave the beach. Shake baby powder on to sandy feet and gently rub. The baby powder will absorb the wet sand and it will easily wipe away.
  2. Pails and plastic containers. Filling a bucket with sand is a favourite kid beach activity. If you are travelling and don't have pails of your own re-purpose some of your plastic containers. Clean yogurt containers, water bottles, plastic spoons all make for great beach toys (just remember to take them home and recycle them afterwards).
  3. Frozen juice boxes. This is something I do during the last days of school and it works for the beach too. Freeze juice boxes the night before and pack them in your beach cooler. They work double-duty as a freezer pack and cold drink. Also, great to put on a bump or bruise.
  4. Resealable bag for clothes. Put a change of kid clothes in a large resealable plastic bag. That way, when it comes time to change — you know the clean clothes are sand free.
  5. Fresh cut fruit in a reusable container. Refreshing snacks are a must a the beach. Freeze (washed) seedless grapes — they will be a chilly treat when eaten. Or cut apple and orange slices. Melons work too.

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