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A Great Gift Kids Can Make By Themselves

Homemade Cinnamon Clay!

This is my favourite gift that my kids can make by themselves. Little mess, easy to make, and a lovely present for teachers, caregivers, grandparents . . . or even me! Cinnamon clay brings the festive scent of cinnamon and the fun activity of playing with clay to a whole new level.

This recipe makes enough dough for your kids to make holiday decorations for everyone on their gift-giving list:

  • 1 cup applesauce
  • 1 cup cinnamon

That's it!

Mix cinnamon and applesauce together in a large bowl. Place parchment paper on a flat surface (we use the kitchen table), remove dough from bowl, and knead it until it turns into a firm clay.

Let clay sit for 30 minutes (enough time to watch one episode of Bubble Guppies). In the meantime, place parchment paper on a cookie sheet (more about that below).

For older kids: Use a rolling pin to flatten out dough. Then use cookie cutters to cut desired shapes.

For younger kids: Use hands to roll balls of clay.

Use a straw to poke a hole in the top of each decoration (so you can hang a ribbon through). For the balls, put the hole in the centre, making a donut!

Place the cinnamon clay decorations on your parchment-lined cookie sheet. The clay needs to dry for approximately 2 days in a cool, dry place (I put it on top of my washing machine, as an excuse not to do laundry for a couple of days).

When dry, thread a ribbon through the whole and tie a knot for hanging.

You can even decorate your shapes with puffy paint, should you wish.

Decorations will smell great for a good 2-3 weeksit's the gift that keeps on giving! 

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