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Halloween Costume Ideas

What are you going to be for Halloween?

The countdown is on and the conversations have started...What are you going to be for Halloween?! As a busy Mom of three, I am big on suggesting EASY and INEXPENSIVE Halloween costume ideas (because you know they never wear the same costume two years in a row!). Here is a little photo galley to inspire you on Halloween Costume Ideas...

Aside: I know what my kids' WON'T be...I have strong opinions about Sexualizing Girls' Halloween Costumes. A tween girl should look like a tween girl (not a hooker). I also am against weapons as Halloween accessories...I don't let you play with guns any other day of the year and Halloween is no different.

So on to some easy and inexpensive costume ideas...

Juice box: Take a cardboard box andcut holes for head and arms. Colour logo with markers (or print). Visit Home Depot plumbing dept. for light plastic tubing to use as straw.

Doctor: A set of scrubs and a toy Stethoscope (available at dollar stores) and voila, you can be a doctor! Bonus: re-wear the scrubs as pjs.

Scooby Doo character: Visit a thrift store to find clothes that match the characters. Great group costume idea!

Smurfs: White pants, blue shirt, white hat (hat you can make with fabric). Easy peasy.

Tim Hortons Coffee Cup: My personal favourite (saw someone costumed as a Timmy's cup last year and it was AWESOME). Cut hole out of bottom of brown plastic garbage can (available at Home Depot). Cut holes in "lid" and knot suspenders to hold costume up. Cover top of cup with white fabric to look like lid. Draw logo (or print out).

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