Caroline Fernandez: Activity Mummy


3 Board Games Sure To Entertain Kids

Screen-free Activities For Kids

Tune out the "Mom, I'm bored" when you tune your kids into board games. Yes, ol' skool but still cool—board games engage kids through counting, decision making skills and literacy. A great alternative to electronic and screen powered kid entertainment. A board game can occupy your kids while you answer an email or provide whole family entertainment. These three board games are sure to please...

  • Battleship: 2 players. Stealth hiding skills. Decision making skills. My kids played this on a rainy day at the cottage and it turned into a battleship-pa-looza afternoon.


Monopoly: 2-4 players. Counting. Literacy. Someone gets to be the "bank." We also played this at the cottage...where the winner got out of setting the table for the night. Win-Win situation.


Bananagrams: Play solo or up to 5 players. Literacy. We play bananagrams in both English and French (nice for a bilingual family like ours). Very travel friendly.


We all have board games in our closets and often forget to give them a second look. They can connect the family while disconnecting from the electronic devices. In this technological's important to turn off the screens and turn on our kids.

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