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Tips for Travel to Cuba

Things you should know before you go

Thinking of heading to Cuba? Do it. You won’t be disappointed. The people are incredible, the scenery is breathtaking and the history is touchable. There are, however, a few things you should keep in mind to make your trip a little smoother.

Bring toilet paper or travel packs of facial tissue with you. Not every restroom will have this. Nobody likes drip drying.

Toilet seats are not mandatory. Who knew? Hotels have them but most public restrooms do not. 

Hand sanitizer.

Carry lots of smaller denominations of pesos with you. Some public restrooms do have toilet paper but it is handed out sparingly by an attendant who should receive a tip.

Other places you will need to give tips: at the airport, your maid, your waiter, your taxi driver, your tour guide. If someone offers to take a picture of you, be prepared to tip them. You get the picture, no pun intended.

Bring your cash with you from home.  When we asked where we could find a debit machine we received very blank stares. Very, very, blank. They apparently do not exist. We had to go into a bank....and line get cash....from our Visa. This seemed so 1980’s to me. Anyway, it took time away from our sightseeing so next time we’ll bring all the cash we need from home and have it converted at the hotel into pesos.

Good food in Cuba does exist despite what you may have heard. Unfortunately, it does not exist everywhere. Since it can be a little hit and miss, come prepared. Throw those little packages of ketchup, salt, pepper, soy sauce, salad dressing and hot sauce in your bag.

Bring your own hairdryer. See this little number?

This was my hairdryer and it dried so slow it prompted a little hissy fit. “As if they can’t get a hair dryer a little stronger than this. I mean I realize there’s an embargo but my hair dryer at home is made in China. They’re on good terms with China, aren’t they? They can’t get a good blow dryer from China? As if.”  This prompts my husband to roll his eyes in exasperation and leave the room to go get a drink. Occasionally, the princess in me likes to come out and play. If yours does too, bring a hair dryer.

Words you need to know:

Por Favor
Cuba Libre
Pina Colada

Have fun!