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Our Day at Saunders Farm

The Perfect Way to End Our Summer Holidays

Oh summer, our time together was far too short again. This summer was especially sweet as my family and I got to know our hometown a little better with the help of Ottawa Tourism. As luck would have it our last tour was at Saunders Farm and we couldn’t have been happier to end our summer exploring there.

Saunders Farm is located in Munster just a teensy bit southwest of Ottawa. What originally started out as a pick your own strawberry farm has grown into THE destination for getting the wits scared out of you at Halloween. The Saunders family has become very well known for their fantastically fun haunting through the month of October. They also happen to be a fantastic destination in the summer!

What can you do at Saunders Farm in the summer? Well, first how about the incredible mazes. All ten of them. That kept us busy for a while. Seriously, why does everything look the same in a maze? There were lots of giggles and laughter as we were running around, quite literally, in circles sometimes.

Then there’s the jumping pillows. You know how kids like to jump on mattresses and pillows? This is the perfect place to let them get it out of their system. My girls' eyes lit up when they saw these two enormous pillows jutting out of the ground and made a bee line for them. There’s nothing like getting some air between your feet and the ground.

After you’ve exhausted your brain in the mazes and your body on the pillows, you need sustenance and thankfully there’s some delicious food to be had here. There’s a little bakery at the front in the Farm Shop. It also has sweets if your kids are into that kind of stuff. Please know, I totally wrote that in sarcastic font. We decided to have lunch at The Farmer’s Table which has incredible hand cut fries, and I consider myself to be something of a fry connoisseur. I know they were good because I totally snuck a few from my kids when I pointed and said “OMG, is that Selena Gomez over there?” I ordered the Ploughman’s Lunch which came with local artisan cheese, bread and meat and delicious veggies and fruits. We all had the fresh lemonade. Delicious. And don’t forget ice cream because there’s plenty of that too at Annabelle’s Ice Cream Hut. We sat and enjoyed our lunch just outside the Pavilion and I couldn’t help but think what a beautiful location this would be for a wedding.

When we were done lunch we mined for gems at the Saunders Mining Co. and went for a slide down Witch Mountain. In between, we enjoyed walking around the farm at a leisurely pace taking in the surrounding beauty. The gardens are beautiful and you can sit and relax by small ponds in a nice shady spot. Our day at Saunders Farm was the perfect way to end our summer holidays. We’ll be back in October to get the wits scared of out of us, but also next summer to have another perfect day down on the farm.

Here are some pictures from our fantastic day at Saunders Farm!

Captain Aidan's Playful Pirate Ship and Water Spray Zone

Catching some air on the jumping pillows!

Saunders Mining Co.

On our way through one of the incredible mazes!

Having a ball with pedal carts

Heading down the slide at Witch Mountain

This is so incredibly picturesque

Sitting in the giant hand outside the Farm Shop

Thanks to Ottawa Tourism for our wonderful visit to
Saunders Farm!