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Ottawa Tour Part Two

The Heartstrings Itinerary

Last Friday, continuing on our mission to be tourists in our own town, my family and I did something I am now referring to as the Heartstrings Itinerary. With Ottawa Tourism’s help, we decided to visit the Museum of Civilization, see Born to Be Wild at the IMAX theatre and finish our evening on Parliament Hill watching Mosaika. Why the Heartstring Itinerary? Keep reading.

The Canadian Museum of Civilization

When you first walk into The Grand Hall at the Canadian Museum of Civilization you are swept away by the architecture of this incredible building. Fifty foot high glass windows frame a picture perfect view of Parliament Hill and other historic Ottawa buildings. In The Grand Hall,  you will see the world’s largest indoor collection of Totem Poles and learn about Canada’s rich aboriginal history. From here, continue on to The Canada Hall and walk through a 1,000 years of Canadian history. We’re pretty amazing people if I do say so myself. When you’re done marvelling at how incredible we are, you may want to head on over to the Canadian Children’s Museum where your kids can take an interactive journey through an international village. Guaranteed fun for them, and you. Heart = Swelling with pride


Just watching the preview for Born to Be Wild 3D, I knew I was going to love it. First, Morgan Freeman’s voice is like butter. I could listen to him talk all day. Second, there are baby elephants and orangutans! Really, need I to say more? The cuteness factor is in overdrive here! By the end of the movie we were ready to sell all our earthly possessions and go help the orphaned animals. The only thing stopping us was we couldn’t agree as a family if we’d go live with the elephants or orangutans. Hmmmm, guess we'll stay put for now.  Watch this preview and then run, don’t walk, to go see it at the IMAX.*** Heart = Gushing


In yet another, “I can’t believe we've never done this” moment, we ended our evening on Parliament Hill watching Mosaika. There is no way my words will describe this incredible show adequately. Breathtaking, beautiful, inspiring, how-the-heck-did-they-do-that wonderful! It is simply amazing. We had such a wonderful evening lying on the grass on Parliament Hill, wishing on stars pre-show, ooh'ing and aah'ing during and holding hands and excitedly sharing our favourite parts with each other afterwards. This show runs from July 6 to August 6 every evening, weather dependent. If you live in Ottawa or plan to visit soon, make sure you don't miss this. Heart = Bursting

By the time we got home, our hearts were singing. What a beautiful evening in the nation's capital.

***The next movie at the IMAX is Rescue 3D. It focuses on rescue efforts in Haiti after the massive earthquake that struck there recently.  We'll definitely be going back to see it.  Heart = racing.

Thanks to Ottawa Tourism for helping with such a great itinerary. Looking forward to sharing our next adventure with you!