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Lunch Math

Schneiders Country Naturals

I find school lunches pretty easy. There I said it. Easy. Perhaps I’m missing something here because I hear it’s the bane of many a mother’s existence, but I have no problem with it.  Maybe it’s because I have it down to a mathematical equation now;  One drink + two fruits (or one fruit and one veggie) + a main meal + a snack = a healthy day at school.  My kids know the drill so well that they instruct their grandmother what to give them when I’m away.

Although the formula might sound bland, it’s really not. Fruit variations are endless. Cut up strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe, banana, apple, pear, kiwi, watermelon to name a few.  Vegetables can be baby carrots, celery, grape tomatoes, cucumber, peppers and sometimes a salad.

I used to throw a juice in, until recently, when I heard about a great way to cut sugar from your kids drink diet by serving them herbal tea, sweetened with a bit of honey and chilled. My girls love it and the flavours are endless. Blueberry, wild blackberry, orange and passion fruit are but a few of the types we’ve tried. One sugary juice habit broken in less than 5 seconds.

About a year ago, I stopped buying processed snacks and started making all my own. This might not be practical for everyone but here’s why I did it. First, it’s a HUGE cost-saver. Second, I control the portion size. Third, it’s eco-friendly; all snacks are frozen and sent in a reusable container. Finally, I don’t keep preservatives in my house or high-glucose fructose or any other chemical ingredient for that matter.  I know exactly what I’m serving my children when I send it from home.

So, as you may have surmised what’s in food is important to me. Which is why certain foods, like lunch meats for example, haven’t been in a regular rotation on the lunch scene for a couple of years, much to my husband's and children’s chagrin. When I was approached to write about Schneider’s Country Naturals I literally jumped at the opportunity because I too have really, really missed cold cuts. This is what I learned:

  Schneiders Country Naturals are all formulated with simple natural ingredients.There are no MSG, fillers or by-products – just the good stuff such as lemon juice, celery powder, sea salt, vinegar, cane sugar and spices.

  These great tasting meats contain no nitrites, artificial ingredients, flavours or colours.

  Schneiders Country Naturals ham, bacon and wieners were all formulated to meet the 2016 Health Canada Sodium Targets. 

  Country Naturals is the first line of prepared meats to be approved by Health Canada to carry the “made with natural ingredients” claim. 

It’s like Schneiders knew what I was thinking. They didn’t put anything in these meats that I couldn’t find in my own home.  Nicely played Schneiders, nicely played.  So, knowing all of the above I was thrilled to once again bring deli meats back to our midday meals. 

On Tuesday I sent this:

Don’t forget to include yourself when making your kids lunches. Chances are you serve them the healthiest food you can, which is good for you and keeps you away from the poutine truck at noon.

On Friday I sent this:

My youngest loves finger food. This lunch is right up her alley.  Pick up little slider buns for fun little sandwiches for kids.

And this week I’m going to give this recipe a go:

  • 8 slices Country Naturals Turkey
  • 4 whole wheat tortillas (7 inches)
  • 1 large tomato, thinly sliced
  • 1 medium green pepper, cut into thin strips
  • 1 cup shredded lettuce
  • 1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese
  • 1/3 cup Ranch salad dressing

Place two slices of turkey on each tortilla. Layer with tomato, green pepper, lettuce and cheese. Place salad dressing in separate container for dipping if not serving immediately.  Roll up tightly and wrap with wax paper. 

So, find your own lunch equation and run with it. Once your kids know it, get them in the game. Slowly but surely I am passing the lunch responsibility on to my girls. They already know the math.