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John Goodman: Billionaire, Polo Player, Scum

Scum has reached a new low

Anyone know who I petition to have the definition of scum changed? Websters? Wikipedia? Anyone? The reason I ask, is that I think its due for an overhaul. Meet my reason.

The man pictured here is John Goodman, a billionaire polo player. The woman pictured with him is his girlfriend. He just adopted her as his daughter. Why? Well because he killed a young man in the prime of his life while drunk driving, and is now trying to hide his assets from this young man's family.

See? Scum.

I can't even begin to describe the level of contempt I feel for this man. What a sad excuse for a human being. First, he ignores the law by driving drunk. Being a billionaire and all, it was obviously too difficult to find a driver. Second, he killed a young man in the prime of his life and then actually smiled in the hospital afterwards. Third, he didn't call 911 for a full 54 minutes after he hit the victim. If he had actually called 911 right away instead of slithering away, there was a chance the young man might have been saved, for he didn't die from injuries in the crash, but rather he drowned in water his car was thrown upside down into. And now this. Adopting his girlfriend to shield his assets.

So, what we once referred to as scum is actually kind of pleasant next to this man, don't you think?  New definition of scum: John Goodman, billionaire polo player, see picture.

Postscript: I think his girlfriend is scum too. This whole thing reeks and she knows it. That she doesn't walk away in disgust, puts her in the same category as far as I'm concerned.