Candace Derickx: See Mummy Juggle


Hubba Hubba

Or how I Blew the Mother Gig Today

Look I know I shouldn’t have done it. It was a stretch taking my children to see Thor. They are waaaay too young to see it. I simply couldn’t bear to see another freakin’ cartoon, alright?! I wanted something with real people in it for pity’s sake. So I told myself it would be ok. How bad could it be? Well, when your 8 year old stands up at the end of the movie and says “Mommy, that was totally inappropriate”, you know you may have overstepped the boundaries a little.

Really, why?” I said, cringing a little.
It was like, totally violent Mom”, I swear she almost put a d’uh on there.
Yeah, maybe a little.” I say, looking at my toes and knowing full well that this is why my six year old buried her head in my shoulder on several occasions.

It’s possible that I’ve done irreparable damage here. I may be paying for this for months with an extra little body in my bed at night. My kids might go all crazy some day and wield hammers around trying to be gods. There is all this and much, much more to be said about taking your kids to see a movie way out of their age range.

But......good gawd it was worth it. Hellooooooo, Chris Hemsworth. You are in my five now. Rowwwrr.

Please, please, I beseech you gods of Viking mythology, let there be a sequel. I promise to leave the kids at home next time.