Organic Food Not Necessarily Healthier

I Think This is Good News

Organic Food Not Necessarily Healthier

Reading the news this morning, I stumbled upon this headline, Organic Food Not Much Healthier: Study. I dove in.

A study was conducted at Stanford University that found that the benefits of organic produce we're "scant." In fact, the difference between those that ate organic and those that didn't was negligible. It also went on to say that nutritionally, the organic produce was no better than the non-organic produce. You can go on to read another take on it here.

So, how am I feeling after reading this? Relieved, frankly.

After all, I feel the "organic guilt" every time I visit my grocery store. My heart often says get the organic produce, but my wallet dictates I get the conventionally grown fruits and veggies. Where possible, I try hard to buy organic versions of the Dirty Dozen, but am filled with angst if my budget doesn't allow for the premium. The internal dialogue in my head goes a little something like this:

"Eeek, $2 more for organic strawberries!"

"Yes, but they won't be covered in pesticides that might give your children cancer down the road."

*insert frustrating back and forth here and then me walking away empty handed*

Also, I'm pretty sure that I look like a crazy person in the produce department. Am I the only one that anguishes over locally grown apples with pesticide or organically grown apples from California?

And do I really need organic spices? Seems suspect to me, but I've fell for it.

I've written before about my issues surrounding food and all the conflicting reports we hear daily. Since I wrote that, not much has changed. Except that today, I'm feeling like a little bit of weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

How do you feel about this study? Do you feel relieved like I do or do you think there will be another study in a month or two to debunk it, much like the ongoing egg debate?