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Don't Be That Dad

Make Time With Your Kids A No Phone Zone

The Windows Phone 7 commercials asking "Really?!" are perfect. We are so attached to our phones we're missing what's going on in the real world.  

It's not just in the car and behind the wheel that needs to be one of Oprah's No Phone Zones - many aspects of our life need to be cut off and enjoyed. I went to the park with my son this weekend and I forgot to bring my phone with me.

I'll be honest, I was fidgety and awkward for the first few minutes, then I let it go. I soaked up the sunshine of the day, laughed along with him as he fought off aliens from his playground fort and chased the soccer ball across damp fields with him.

I am an avid documenter of my kids' lives. I highly advocate getting Twitter accounts for your kids as ways to note the silly things they say. Both of my boys have Facebook and YouTube accounts where I will toss up photos and videos for family far and wide to peek in on their lives.

But while I'm face into the phone trying to get a perfect picture or firing off one final email before I pass him the ball in a road hockey session, I'll often get a "Daddy! Pay Attention To Me!" Then it hits me. I'm "that dad."

It was awesome to leave the phone at home and drown in unadulterated daddy daycare time with my son this weekend.

What are you doing to make your kids "no phone zones" so the time you share is quality time?