3 Training Apps To Get Motivated

Salvage Your New Year's Resolution

3 Training Apps To Get Motivated

According to a new survey, the top resolution (again) is getting fit.  Unfortunately the survey also found that 3 of 4 people making the resolution won't follow through.

Statistically, if you can make it past January 13, you've got a better chance of sticking to your goals.  So why not get an app to help?  Here's 3 to push you through the next week:

Nike Training Club [free]

This app is created by Nike Women, but no matter I'm loving it.  Whether you want to get toned, get lean, get strong or get focused, the app has 30-60 minute workouts to fit your plans.  You choose your skill level and then this app helps you get it done.

It's a personal workout class, you can select a playlist for your session and then a coach comes in to help you switch between exercises and urge you on.  If you don't know what straight leg kicks, slide and glide or modified plank is, there are quick videos embedded right in the workout to show you.

This has been my go to app at the gym to help me plan my attack for the new year.

Run Keeper [free]

If you prefer your fitness to be done outside, this  app will help time and track your runs.  It uses the GPS on your phone to track your pace and distance and can also be used to help with interval workouts. 

Runner's World Smart Coach [free]

I'm training for a Team Diabetes marathon in Iceland this August, this app helps you plot your training distances.  You input your training level, previous times and distance you're training for and you could be doing a marathon in just 12 weeks.  The free version is ad supported, their is a premium app that adds social features and the ability to print your workout.

BTW, if you need a goal for all this training you're doing, why not join me and my wife in Iceland on Team Diabetes?  You raise money and awareness for those living with the disease while getting yourself healthier and fighting against your own chances of getting it. 

Goal setting is a great way to keep your resolution and with the big carrot of a trip to Iceland at the end of the stick, I'm sure you can do it.



Spoiled Kids Vent About Christmas On Twitter

Do *you* Have a Spoiled Brat?

Spoiled Kids Vent About Christmas On Twitter

I noticed something interesting 5 minutes into Christmas morning. My 2 year old had ripped open a couple Chuggington train cars and was in bliss. He was hooking them up, driving them around the carpet and oblivious to the flurry of wrapping paper flying around him.

He was happy. He was thrilled. If Christmas had ended after those small gifts, he would have been satisfied.

Our 4 year old, however, wanted more. And more. And more. The more he opened, the more he wanted. He'd barely look at what was inside the box before turning to find more wrapping paper to shred.

Did your kids act spoiled on Christmas Day? Chances are they did, and we're to blame.

According to a new survey by Parenting magazine, 76% of parents say their kids act spoiled and are less grateful than they should be during the holidays.

59% of parents say that their kids are more spoiled than they were as kids. Only 11% say they're less spoiled.

The average parent spent $271 per child on gifts this year, and 30% spent over $300.

But this is the telling stat: 76% of parents say they feel GUILTY about saying "no" to something on their child's wish list, and 18% try to give their kids EVERYTHING they ask for.

The harder you try to make them happy, the more they want, just scan Twitter for some complaining keywords just after Christmas morning and you'll see the level of entitlement we're enabling.


Once again my wife and I have made a pact that next year we'll dial it down. Bring some sanity and meaning back to the morning.

What about you, did you spoil your kids this week? Maybe the parents of the kids who are complaining should read this.