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Are Your Favourite Flats Ruining Your Feet?

Those stilettos aren't the only shoes that cause harm!

Are flat shoes wrecking your feet? |

Most women I know (including myself) often swap out our heels for cute flats or funky sneakers to give our feet a break. Unfortunately, just because they’re flat doesn’t mean a heel-free shoe is better for your feet - in fact, they can do just as much damage.


We’re all born with a fat pad on the bottom of our feet, but it wears down with the overuse of unsupportive shoes. Luckily, you can save your feet (and keep wearing those cute shoes) by adding a supportive insole, like these guys.  

Are flat shoes wrecking your feet? |

I have really flat feet so I can wear flatter shoes than most but the added cushion and arch support makes even my flattest shoes feel like heaven. Consider bringing insoles with you when buying a new pair of flats (or heels) so you can see how they'll fit once the insole is inside.

Looking for new flats for fall? Try any of these styles on for size! 

Are flat shoes wrecking your feet? |

  1. Dimitria — Aldo Shoes $85 
  2. Canvas Loafer - TOMS $54.99
  3. Chuck Taylors - Converse $59.99
  4. Cinch Ballet Flats - Gap $64.99

I like to pair my flats with slightly cropped pants to help me look taller and leaner on the days I skip my favourite heels. A well-made pair of classic flats will take you from season to season and can be easily dressed up or down, while a fun colour, texture or print is one of the easiest ways to snazz up your look with minimal effort! 

Are flat shoes wrecking your feet? |

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