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Fuss Free Hair So You Can Chill This Summer

From Deep-Woods Camping to Dancing, Pantene has got you covered

Say it With Me: We're Going to Control Our Hair So We Can Chill This Summer

Whether the mountain you’re tackling is made of laundry or earth, the reality for most moms is that it always feels like there's never enough time in the day to do it all. Yoga class, kids’ swimming lessons, date night, coffee with the girls...something eventually has to give. I think you'll agree that when you’re tight on time, the thing that sometimes gives is haircare because it can be tough to squeeze in a shampoo and blow dry. I think you would also agree that having great post-baby hair is also a challenge. Between postpartum hair loss and the elusiveness of showers, the plight of the ponytail is real...but it doesn’t have to be!

Fashion bloggers have their perks, Pantene sent me a variety of their products to test out on my dry, colour-treated hair.

Whether you’ve got long flowing tresses or a close-cropped ‘do, the simple fact is that beautiful hair is healthy hair, which is why I'm obsessed with moisturing products for my hair. Healthy hair starts in the shower. Here are my easy shampoo, conditioning, and styling tips (and a few products) that even the busiest mom can start using today:

  • Now that summer is here, it's especially important to pay attention to hydration. Well-moisturized hair means less frizz, and you’ll avoid frying your ends in the sun, sand, and salt at the beach. The Pantene Pro V Expert Collection Shampoo and Conditioner will help your hair soak up some of the moisture it’s craving. It's salon quality, smells incredible and makes even unruly dry and damaged hair like mine soft and manageable.
  • When shampooing, concentrate your lather at the roots (avoid lathering our ends to avoid breakage), and rinse thoroughly. Next, work conditioner from mid shaft to ends to avoid weighing down your hair and deliver moisture where it's most needed. The best part of Intense Hydration Conditioner is that it targets only the damaged parts of your hair to provide weightless moisture. Say hello to full bouncy hair.
  • Try to avoid piling your hair up on your head or working the lengths and ends to avoid breakage.
  • Use conditioner mid-shaft to ends only to moisturize without weighing down your roots. 
  • Speaking of conditioner, sometimes I rub a little into the ends of my hair or scrunch it into the length of my hair to create waves and to also help protect my already fragile (from being colour treated) hair when it will be exposed to the elements.
  • To avoid fly-aways caused by dry hair, I tried out Pantene Pro-V 3-Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner. I concentrated on the tips and wrapped the length of my hair in a warm towel to help the mask to penetrate into my mane. It's perfect for giving your hair a burst of extra moisture by repairing damage deep within your hair's core. Who doesn't want stronger, softer and shinier hair. A glass of wine and bubble bath are optional during this process, but highly recommended.
  • Bonus: Conditioner actually makes a great curl cream in a pinch. Scrunch a nicket size into your hair when it's damp and let it air dry in the salty air (I live in Halifax) or blow dry.

Pantene also has a Style Series Dry Shampoo. Spritzing a bit of it before bed will help you avoid oily roots in the morning. Plus, dry shampoo helps add texture, allowing you to extend your style and go to new heights! I use dry shampoo after workouts and before bed or after a day spent in the woods, on the beach or hitting the slopes. It helps rejuvenate my hair and provides a much needed little lift. Even helmet hair can be saved with a well aimed spray. My favorite thing about Pantene Dry Shampoo is there is no white residue thanks to tapioca in the formula.

When you have styling products that actually work, they can do all the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on having fun. For great style on-the-go, I like to braid or twist my damp hair to keep it out of my face while I’m active and then let it loose when it’s dry for a night out. The best part? I'm avoiding heat-styling tools that further damage my hair! 

Styling Tip: Summer hair should be soft and flowy. Pantene Pro-V Style Series Airspray is super light for hold that moves. It keeps your hair in place but doesn't feel stiff. Also, it's alcohol free so it won't dry your hair out this summer and actually smells good. If you do have fly-away pieces, spritz a little hairspray on a toothbrush or your hand and smooth into place. Don’t let the wind or chasing the kids around wreck your style! Voila!