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5 Ways to Look Taller and Leaner Without Wearing Heels

(AKA all the reasons the world thinks I'm taller than I really am)

How to look taller without heels |

When it comes to getting dressed, most of us would like to look tall and thin — even if we’re a little on the shorter side of things. The good news is that a long, lean silhouette isn’t just for the Giseles of the world thanks to a few little dressing tricks that I promise won’t add any time to your morning routine... and not one of them includes an uncomfortable pair of high heels.

Don nude shoes

A pair of nude shoes - yes, even flats - visually lengthens your leg, and who doesn’t love that? Look for a nude shoe that’s close to your own skin tone and pair with everything from your cropped pants to your favourite dresses. These loafers are as cute as they are practical, and they're available at Aldo Shoes for $70.

Raise your hemline

Sure, you can’t actually make your legs longer but you *can* make them look longer by choosing a slightly shorter skirt. Petite gals in particular can benefit from a slightly-above-the knee skirt or dress. When you go below the knee, especially with flats, it can cut your leg short (not to mention make your legs look heavier if you’re hitting the wider part of your calve). This embroidered skirt from Joe Fresh ($34) is perfect for date night or Sunday brunch, and it comes in more than one colour! 

Throw on a long vest or jacket

Sounds weird, but it’s true: a long, straight jacket, vest or sweater can actually make you look taller. Why? That long line visually lengthens your body, which makes you look slimmer too! Pair with a slim-fitting bottom for a streamlined silhouette. 

This long cardigan from Ricki’s ($46) is lightweight, beautiful and would pair with everything from your favourite leggings to jeans! 

Bare your ankles

A cropped pant is a perfect way to elongate and slim your leg - just make sure your pant leg ends at the slimmest part of your ankle (and have ‘em pants hemmed if necessary). Don’t wear a mid-calve crop though: you always want to avoid cutting your leg off at the widest part. These $124 floral cropped pants from Banana Republic are GORGEOUS and would look fantastic with a plain tee and a denim jacket. 

Stand straight

The easiest way to look taller and thinner? Stand taller! When you stand straight with your shoulders back and your head held high, your clothes will sit better, and you'll avoid all the weird lumps and bumps we can get when we slouching. Put your hands on your hips and power-stance it for a great mood and confidence boost, too.

Another easy way to visually lengthen and slim your body is to wear a single colour from head to toe, avoid ankle straps which can cut your leg off or try a vertical stripe (like pinstripes).

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