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The Beauty Tools This Fashionista Can't Live Without

Lasers and heated eyelash curlers and rollers, oh my!

Check out these 5 amazing beauty products every woman ought to have in her bathroom. | Fashion |

Standing in my bathroom at 6:47 am I looked first at my reflection and then at the instructions that came with my heated eyelash curler and I questioned how in the reign of all things pretty I came to own a heated eyelash curler. 

On the list of things I should put near my eye, I’ve always felt heat-related styling tools fell into the ABSOLUTELY FLIPPIN' NOT category, but here we are. My first experience went a little like...

OK, turn it on and wait 15 seconds. Mmmmmk. *drink coffee* *Examine under eye status* *Wonder when “old” happened* K, that’s gotta be 15-seconds. Gently lift and hold. *gently lifts and holds eyelashes with heated death trap* *dies because OMG THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER* *does not recreate perfect curl on other eye*

And so my first heated eyelash curler experience went off without any smoking eyelashes or loss of vision (win) and I realized that this whacky little tool is now one I just can’t live without. Sure, I'm a sucker for a great makeup sponge and good brushes but these tools are a little... out of the makeup bag, so to speak. 

Hot rollers

Easily the most "normal" tool on the list, hot rollers are a staple in my beauty routine. Not only are they my secret to faux-blow outs, they give me amazingly voluminous curls now that my hair is shorter! I had a hard time getting used to them when I first bought 'em, but now they’re a favourite. And once they’re in my hair, I can relax with coffee (or wine) before I head out. $40 (Walmart)

Heated Eyelash Curler

Perfect for ladies with lash extensions since it won’t break your lashes or damage the bonds, a heated eyelash curler works the same way your heated hair tools do!  $23 (Sephora)

Clarisonic cleansing brush

My Clarisonic brush is probably the best thing I’ve ever used, even if it’s taken a long time for my skin to adjust. I use it once every other day (it’s too much for my skin otherwise) and it’s reduced my breakouts and cut back on the flaky, sad skin this winter by exfoliating that nonsense out of the way!  $240 (Sephora)

Tria Hair Removal

I sometimes can’t believe that I’m shooting lasers at my own hair follicles, but it’s a thing I do. I expect I’d have much better results if I actually used it as instructed, and yet the results are still pretty impressive when I neglect to use it correctly. $515 (Sephora)

Tanda Zap

Despite the fact that I’m using anti-aging creams and serums around my eyes, my chin loves to break out every few months and that’s when Tanda Zap comes to the rescue. My mini-flashlight-looking acne miracle, Tanda Zap helps clear up blemishes in less time than harsh acne treatments. Bonus: it’s easy to stash in your bag and it doesn’t hurt a bit.  $60 (Costco or Shopper's Drug Mart)

Check out these 5 amazing beauty products every woman ought to have in her bathroom. | Fashion |

Now, spill it: What beauty tool(s) would you be totally lost without? 

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