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Furry Nails: The Weirdest Nail Trend You've Ever Heard Of

But now you know what to do with your unwanted leg hair

Furry Nail Trend |

Many women I know, myself included, spend an inordinate amount of time plucking, waxing, shaving, lasering and wishing away unwanted body hair. I know women who shave their toes. I know women who wax their knuckles. 

But apparently someone thought that a fur mani was the new “it thing” and it’s been cropping up on runways and Instagram accounts of popular nail stylists. 

That’s right: you might be defuzzing the rest of your body, but you may want to avoid rinsing all of that perfectly good, unwanted body hair down the drain! I mean, you could save money on what has to be the weirdest beauty trend of 2016 so far. And who doesn’t love saving money? (People I don’t like, that’s who.)

Since I know you won’t want to sacrifice style, I’ve come up with a few ideas to help you save money while you nail this furtastic style.

  • Outdo those other Moms at your scrapbooking class and carry your child’s first hair clipping with you always. Glue that shit to your nails, Mama. And now you don’t need to scrapbook! (You’re welcome.)

fur nail trend

  • Shaving your legs? Don’t clean the tub! It’s filled with fuzzy gold. Gently sweep it up and store in a baggy for future mani use. Don't forget your armpit hairs, either - this trend leaves no room for discrimination.

fur nail trend

  • Tired of cleaning up after the cat and dog? All that fur is just waiting to make you gorgeous. Bonus: You and Fluffy will share a much deeper bond.

Fur nail trend

Yes, the trend is “faux fur” nails - I know - but don’t you want to reuse? Save the planet? ORGANIC FUR NAILS. You’re welcome. Just don’t use those nails to pick things out of your teeth., especially if you're using pube clippings.


Image Source: BritneyTokyo/Instagram

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