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Don't Buy Those High Heels If You Can't Do This

The 1" trick that tells you if you can or can't walk in those heels

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Whether you’re a high heel lover or a far-off admirer, I’m sure you’ve at least once wondered, “Will I be able to walk in those?” There’s no denying that practice makes perfect, but there’s also no denying that there are just some shoes you can’t walk in. Here’s why:

Depending on the length and arch of your foot, a 5” heel might just be too high a height for your tootsies. And that’s OK. To really understand the hows and the whys, consider the anatomy of a shoe. Every individual part of the shoe will play together - nicely or otherwise - based on YOUR foot. That’s why sometimes your friends can wear a certain shoe but you can’t. (Damn you, friends with better-shaped feet!) The item that we’re concerned about right now is the PITCH, though a roomy toe box will certainly help with overall comfort and ability to walk. 

If you’re anything like me, you don’t have a whack of money burning a hole in your pocket that you can throw at shoes you’ll never wear... so why not make sure you’ll be able to walk in the shoes before you buy them? Once you’ve determined the shoe SIZE you need (when in doubt err on a larger size - heels make your feet swell!) stand up tall with your legs straight and lift your heels out. If you can lift your heels about one inch out of the back of the shoe, you’ll be able to walk in them. If you’re not able to lift your heels about an inch out of the shoe, go for a lower heel height. 

If you're really set on height but the pitch is too steep, look for heels with a hidden platform in the toe!

And, of course, when you’re walking in your heels always step heel-toe, heel-toe. For added stability, look for chunkier heels or wedges over a stiletto and always listen to your feet. If they’re not comfortable in the store, those shoes won’t make your feet happy on the dance floor.

Here are some chic styles at every height:

  1. TRYME - Nine West: $69.99 SALE
  2. STARGAZE - Naturalizer: $110.00
  3. KIERA - Miichael Kors: $148.00
  4. CARLISA - Crocs: $30.99
  5. JANVIERE - Aldo: $85.00 
  6. PENTHOUSE - DSW: $48.98 SALE
  7. OHNICE - Steve Madden: $59.98 SALE 
  8. LUNDQUIST - Call It Spring: $20.99 SALE 

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