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How to Perfect The Art of the Perfectly Cuffed Jean

There's One Little Step You Might Be Skipping...

cuffing your jeans

It doesn’t matter what shoes you’re wearing, if you’ve got skinny, straight or boyfriend cut jeans on your outfit is instantly better when you roll that hem. I remember being a kid and DYING of mortification when my mother would roll my jeans up but now I almost never wear jeans that aren’t cuffed.

Funny that.

There are two reasons why I love a cuffed hem. The first is you can customize the hem of your jeans to hit the perfect spot to slim and elongate your leg (you want to hit the slimmest part of your ankle, ladies!). The second is that it gives you insta-cool girl cred. Plus, there’s nothing sexy about scrunched hem at the ankle. Rolling or cuffing your jeans is also a super easy way to add just a little interest and oomph to your outfit. 

Cuffed or rolled skinnies are a must when wearing ankle boots. Cuffed straight legs look great with your favourite flats. Cuffed boyfriend jeans and a stiletto? Lawd have mercy. But there really is a trick to mastering the cuff. And here it is:

  1. Roll the hem back once, to the width you prefer. Make sure both legs are even.
  2. Roll again, this time a little more roughly - perfection is overrated.
  3. Now, grab the seams on the sides of your legs and tug your cuff DOWN. 


When you tug the sides of the cuff/roll down it loosens the cuff, making your style look lived-in in the best possible way. Consider this your new cool-girl cuff! Don't like the look of cuffed jeans, but wish your pants were cropped just the same? You can always carefully roll your hem UNDER to create a cropped look without the visible roll. Easy. Peasy. (And commitment free!)

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