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Suzy Shier Launches Plus Size Collection

New Sizes Available in 66 Stores Across Canada This Spring

In case you haven’t heard, Canadian retailer Suzy Shier has seen the light and added a plus size line to their collection of stylish, trendy pieces simply dubbed Suzy Shier+. And it's awesome.
Not surprisingly, word traveled to head office that more and more women are looking for larger sizes in stores and so the company decided it was time to launch a collection this spring to see how it’s received.  
 “When we looked at the industry, we saw that there were not a lot of options for curvier women…” said Terry Stewart, Director of Operations for Suzy Shier in an exclusive interview with Dare Magazine
Suzy Shier was one of my favourite places to shop as a teen and while I was in my early 20s. I'm not sure how, or why, I stopped shopping there but I will say they have the best leggings ever. Their sizes previously ranged from XS - XL, though I do find they run a bit small (almost like juniors). I haven't been in a store in a while, but a quick browse of their website (research, obviously) tells me I need to get my butt in there soon. Their spring collection is great!
The plus size collection will be available at 66 stores across Canada, as well as online at, with sizes ranging from 1X - 3X. With cute, trendy designs from casual to formal and price tags that won’t hurt your bank balance - pieces range from $12 - $50! - I think (and hope) that this new line will be a success. Stewart’s not kidding when she says there aren’t many options for curvy women. In fact, it’s been my experience that it’s really hard to find stores that offer a wide variety of sizes, from petites to plus, and those that do offer totally different styles and patterns for each. 
So, while I applaud stores like Reitman’s and Old Navy for carrying plus, regular and petite sizes (though, Old Navy only offers plus size online which is stupid)- and now Suzy Shier - I do hope that that there will be uniformity in styles, colours and patterns – regardless of what the size tag says. (Because they’re bullshit anyway.) I'm really tired of not being able to get the regular styles in petite or plus, and vice versa. Style isn't a number.
Now tell me: What do you think of the line, and will you shop shop Suzy Shier+