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The Under Eye Makeup Trick You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

Time To Make Your Lipstick Pull Double Duty

While "researching" my Valentine's Day style post, I stumbled upon a red lipstick that I knew I had to have. I'd owned the same formula in a nude shade already, and it was my most-used, most-loved lip product ever. Naturally, I was going to get it. While chatting with a girlfriend, I mentioned that I was leaving the house on a snow day *just* to pick up the red lipstick of my dreams and started to question her sanity when she responded with "To use on your under eye circles? Do you think that really works?" I was pretty sure she was joking.

This Is What's Causing The Dark Circles Under Your Eyes


After watching a handful of videos, I knew I had to try it. As a busy Mummy, looking yummy can be difficult at the best of times. Now that I'm in the midst of my second move in under six months and battling cold season with a five year-old, I'm rocking the under eye double-punch with dark circles and a some "I need sleep" bags. Not a good look. I have no small arsenal of under eye related products, from concealer to skin brightener, eye creams to depuffing rollers and while the creams care for the skin and the concealer and brightener masked the darkness, I could always see my under eye circles peeking through. And besides, what did I have to lose? (Note: My under eye circles are pretty tame in these photos. Yay for sleep and hydration!)

Forget Zodiac Signs: Your Lipstick Reveals Your True Personality Traits

First things first, know that red lipstick does not work on light skin tones. Leave your red lipstick for your lips, fairskinned ladies. If you have a darker skin tone, an orange-y red will work well. Light skin tones would do well to stick with apricot shades. (Trust me on this one.) If you own a matte or non-shimmery lipstick in an apricot, peach or red shade already, you need not pick one up. If you don't, look for a matte shade with an orange undertone.

You need a lipstick in the appropriate shade for your skin tone - this may mean some trial and error but an easy rule of thumb: the lighter your skin, the lighter the lipstick. You'll also want your regular concealer, foundation, and any makeup brushes or sponges you'd typically use. 

An apricot or orange-y red colour will look ridiculous when you first put it on your under eye skin, but it's that orange base that helps counter the bluish, purple shade of under eye circles. Using a makeup brush, pat the lipstick around your eye and dab on any other dark spots you'd like to cover up. Laugh heartily at yourself.

Now that you look like a (possibly scary) clown, go ahead and grab a makeup sponge and your favourite concealer. Dab on your concealer and blend, covering the lipstick, and then continue your makeup routine as per usual. After my concealer, I used my favourite BB cream, blush, and eye makeup. I'd be lying if I said this is a trick I'd use on a daily basis - it's too time consuming for my taste - but it's perfect for "big" days like interviews, date nights or fancy events.

Dark under eye circles can be caused by poor diet, genetics, illness and lack of sleep. If your under eye circles are especially dark, you should discuss it with your doctor to ensure that your body isn't trying to tell you something. If it's just a matter of too little sleep and a few too many glasses of wine, combine this magic trick with a shimmery, cream-coloured eyeliner along your waterline to help brighten your eyes and wake you up.

And smile - it'll instantly brighten that pretty face of yours!