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5 Signs You May be a Scarfaholic

(As If You Could Ever Have Too Many Scarves!)

YMC Scarf Obsession

Scarfaholism is best defined as a dependency on or addiction to scarves, and I am definitely living with this condition. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I don’t leave the house without a scarf during the winter, but throughout the spring and fall you can almost always find me with a scarf draped around my neck. I even have “summery” scarves, for days when the weather is a little cooler (or for when I want to jazz up my outfit).

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It’s important to note that there is a difference between liking scarves and being a scarfaholic, and I’ve made this handy guide for you to determine where you fall on the addiction spectrum. If you are a scarfaholic, it’s OK – scarves are awesome, and as long as you don’t accidentally strangle yourself with one, scarfaholism is non-life-threatening. I think.

5 Signs You May be a Scarfoholic


You own more scarves than there are days in the average month.

Pashminas, infinity, chunky, sheer, blanket, bandana… I mean, there are so many wonderful scarf options, and so many wonderful ways to wear them!

Your scarf collection has its own closet.

OK, so my scarves don’t have their own closet per se… they just happen to take up a big chunk of one of my closets, alongside my shoes and some unworn and unloved lingerie.

You own multiple scarves in the same colour.

For me, it’s the cream-coloured scarves. I have a Pashmina, a sparkly cream infinity scarf, a non-sparkly one, and then three cream-coloured scarves with a pattern (all different, obviously). And then, I learned how to arm knit scarves and the next thing I know I also have three arm knit infinity scarves. Ahem.

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You base outfits around your scarves.

After Christmas, I scored a beautiful plaid blanket scarf after lusting after them for quite some time. I just kept not finding the right one, y’know? Unfortunately for the rest of my closet, I have been creating outfits around that scarf ever since. I even skipped my favourite plaid pants last week because there was no way I could make the two work together. (Sob.)

You laugh at those scarf flower hangers because you would need 11.

I got one of those scarf flower hangers for Christmas. It was a lovely gift, and the sentiment was absolutely there. Unfortunately for that poor flower, it now has 2 and 3 scarves shoved through each of the holes. Of which there were 12. And – sorry mom – most of them will probably end up draped over the closet rod anyway.

If you’re not already a scarfaholic, I am an enabler and will happily share these 5 gorgeous scarves with you! Stay tuned for Zeba’s post on how to style them.

  1. Plaid Blanket Scarf – Etsy, $65.11
  2. Fuzzy Woven Oblong Scarf – Forever 21, $15.90
  3. Faux-Fur Scarf  - Chapter’s Indigo, $17.00
  4. Érable Scarf – Aritizia,  $29.99 (ON SALE from $68)
  5. Katrina Scarf – Banana Republic, $85.00