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Give Old Man Winter a Beating with Cute WARM Accessories

Look Hot, Keep Warm!

Don’t shoot the messenger, folks: Winter is upon us. I've finally dug out my stand-by hats and mittens as they’re becoming increasingly necessary as the temperatures continue to drop. I love wearing hats, so I enjoy this particular time of year because it’s not so cold that my nose freezes off but it’s cold enough to can wear my beanies and chunky knit scarves with skinny jeans and boots. Fall fashion is so lovely. But it's also fleeting and Old Man Winter has started his car, purchased his travel coffee, and readied himself for a long drive.

Your Kids Will Play Outside In The Cold Longer If You Dress Them Like This

In many places the snow has already started falling. With that snowfall comes the need for real cold-weather accessories like stocking caps and wool scarves and mittens. I was out Christmas shopping this weekend, and I stumbled upon a number of super-cute hats, gorgeous scarves, and functional (read: text-friendly) gloves. While I didn’t pick anything up on these trips (they’ll be on sale in no time, after all), I did make a note of my favourite pieces to bring you this post on warm, fashionable winter wear!

Never Use Your Vehicle's Wiper Blades For This

When I was a teenager, I was dead set against wearing winter accessories like hats, mittens, and scarves to school. I can remember wearing sneakers through a foot of snow because I thought boots were “stupid” (don’t worry, Jeni, she’ll outgrow it!). Now, however, the more goober-y the accessory the more I love it. Hence, I wear a lot of pom-pom hats. And you should too because - let’s be real - it’s winter, and it's Canada.

My favourite hat ever came from Ricki's last year - similar to this - and it's perfect for fall. I like wearing it with my cape, skinny pants and boots. It makes me feel oh-so-chic!

Without further ado, I present to you the cutest, cosiest cold-weather accessories to wear this winter:

1. Fuzzy knit striped scarf – Forever 21: $15.90

2. Cable knit mittens – H&M: $12.95

3. Cable knit hat – H&M: $14.95

4. Calf hair tech gloves – Gap: $54.95

5. Festive Pom Pom Hat – Gap: $24.95

6. Classic Wool Blend Gloves – Forever 21: $10.80

7. Fedora Felt Hat – Smart Set: $29.90

8. Faux Fur Earmuffs – Reitman’s: $16.00

9. Knit Mittens with Faux Fur Trim – Reitman’s: $18.00

10. Fake Fur Mittens – H&M: $19.95

If you love hats and scarves and mittens as much as I do, I want to know: What’s your favourite place to pick up cold-weather accessories? Stay warm, look hot, and beat the cold. XO.

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