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The 7 Easiest Ways To Style Simple Jeans And A Tee

Old Faithful *Can* Be Fashion-Forward

Take one look at any photo of Jennifer Aniston running errands and you'll see jeans and tee-shirt perfection.

Seriously: The quintessential girl next door look can be absolutely gorgeous when done right, but it can also look as frumpy as all get out and that just won't do. Jen (because we're friends and I feel I can call her Jen) nails it in the above photo with a perfectly fitted, simple white tee and relaxed fit jeans. Casual? Yes. But not frumpy.

I’m struggling to feel totally dressed in jeans and a tee after two-plus years of dressing for corporate environments, but I think I’ll adjust just fine. My new office is super laid-back and really creative, so I’ve been passing over my dress pants and blazers for looks like the ones below.

Pro Tip:

If you're a die-hard jeans and tee kinda gal, remember this: fit is your best friend. Also: invest in a great tee shirt bra. This is a purchase you will never, ever regret.

Aside from ensuring that your clothes fit (which is always, always, always key), there are oodles of easy peasy ways to dress up an otherwise run of the mill look. Since my big career move, I now work in an office where I can rock jeans and a tee every day should I choose. With that in mind, I give you the 7 easiest ways to dress up your jeans and tee:

The Topped Up Varieties

1. Throw a blazer over your tee (bonus points if it's a graphic tee you're wearing!) and slip on classy flats or heels for a look that's perfect for work.

2. Take a cue from the ever-stylish Erica Ehm and top your jeans and tee with a great moto jacket and slip your feet into some badass boots. Now take on the world. See also: moto vest.

3. Channel your inner Aubrey and go classic ladylike with a well-fitting trench coat, simple flats and your best dark skinnies. 

4. No time? No problem. Reach for a colourful or printed scarf, drape it around your neck and go. Seriously – scarves go with EVERYTHING. Plus, they keep you warm when it’s cold outside.

5. Have more than 11 seconds? Lucky you! Why don't you stack some bangles on your wrist, and wear some great earrings too - with or without the scarf. Lovely.

6. Belts — they're not just for wearing on top of dresses! Pull a great belt through the loops on those jeans, keep your pants in place and tuck in your tee! I like printed belts lately (leopard is my favourite!).

7. Minimalistic isn't a bad thing. If it's too warm to wear a scarf (I want to go to there), grab a single or multi-strand, long necklace and wear it over your tee. Slip on your shoes, grab your bag and go — unless you're Jeni's daughter.

Need some new jeans? These babies are my favourites! Plus, a new group of far-fitter than I people founded a company that makes jeans for bigger thighs — and they look pretty awesome. 

Photo: Jennifer Aniston -- Famepictures, Inc.