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Adorable Nine-Year-Old CEO Has Better Style Than You Do!

Warning: Adorableness and Deliciousness Below

I’ve been told once or twice that I’ve got pretty good style, but a nine-year-old is putting me to terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE shame as he rocks it in sweet frames, adorable suits, and the best hair you've ever laid eyes on.

Oh, and he’s probably more successful than I am, too. So, there’s also that. 

Meet Mr. CoryNew Jersey-dwelling sartorial specialist and CEO of Mr. Cory’s Cookies, and also the adorableness responsible for this:

And this:

And also this:

I know. He's the cutest. And yes, that is a POCKET SQUARE. 

According to the Huffington Post, Mr. Cory describes his style as “fancy,” “BOSS,” and “high quality." He prefers linen pants and shirts, and shops at Zara, Ralph Lauren, and Salvation Army Thrift Stores (poppin’ tags, you guys!). He suggests every guy should own a suit, pocket square, and a classic watch, and then he reminds us all: "Presentation is the key to success." 

And he's totally right. There's a reason why I spend an entire day every week when I teach Career Planning and Preparation talking to my students about what they wear—how you look says a lot about you.

A lot of adults are still figuring out how to dress themselves and identifying their personal styles, so it's totally reasonable if you're feeling a little jealous of a nine-year-old who just gets it. Have I mentioned the part where he's the CEO of his own company? Yeah. He's the CEO of his own company. At nine. Is your head spinning? 

Not only are cookies delicious, but the spark behind this company is even sweeter (ha!)Mr. Cory was motivated by the desire to buy his mom a car when he founded Mr. Cory's Cookies. (F: Start taking notes. I'd like a new car in about 4.5 years.) His schtick? "Softening the world, one cookie at a time." I DIE OF THE CUTE. The cookies are homemade and preservative-free, and his website assures me I can soon buy his cookie dough online. No word yet on whether he'll be providing style consultations. 

You can follow him on Instagram and swoon at his adorableness, and also probably salivate at his cookie posts. If you need me, I’m online shopping and eating my feelings. Which probably don’t taste as good as these:

Or these:

I rest my case. 

If you're looking for delicious cookies, I suggest you head right this way and pour yourself a big glass of milk. Now that you're fed, check out my summer style staplesincluding the It Shoe for Summer 2014. And make sure you're beating the heat with some super-easy summer ponytails