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The Best Skirt Style For Your Body Shape

Fitted, Flounces, A-Lines, And More!

I'm not a huge a fan of the idea that we need to dress for our size or dress for our body type outside of wearing, ahem, the right size and choosing pieces that we love and feel good in. If it fits and you feel great, that's all that matters to me. Full stop.

That being said, it's a fact that certain pieces flatter certain body types more than others. With the season of bare legs finally here, I've found myself drawn towards skirts and dresses more than ever. From minis to maxis, flounces and pencil skirts, midi-lenghts and a-lines, it's a real jungle of skirts (and dresses!) out there—and there's a style that'll highlight your shape.

Apple Shape

If you are an apple shape, you have a slim lower body, carrying weight through your middle.
(Also) If you have some evidence of post-baby belly lingering below the bellybutton, high waisted, flouncy skirts are the ticket for you! The high waist will sit at your narrowest part, while the skirt flows over any extra weight you may be carrying. Keep a shorter hem to show off your slim legs!

Banana Shape

If you are banana shape, your waist, hips, and shoulders are all roughly the same width. Also: "Boy Shaped." 
Body-conscious skirts are best for banana shapes since they highlight and create curves on a straight silhouette. Again, keep a shorter hem to show off slim legs. And rememberprints are your best friend. Not only do they add interest, but they create the illusion of curves! 

Hourglass Shape

Hourglass shapes are curvy with a well-defined waist.
Go grab a pencil skirt and work it, girl! A high-waisted pencil skirt cinches your waist, emphasizes your curves, and smooths the thighs. Keep it just above or at the knee to avoid cutting your legs off.

Pear Shape

If you are pear shaped, your hips are the widest part of your body.
The A-line skirt will highlight your little waist while minimizing your hips, for a slimming silhouette, and the uber-chic midi-skirt is here to stay (lucky for you, it was made for this body shape!).
Just like face shapes, many of us don't fall neatly into one category. Choose the body shape you feel best fits you, and try the corresponding skirt style until you find what feels and looks best. Now, bare those legs while the weather is cooperating! 
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