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Fashion Favourites From the 2014 Oscars Red Carpet

All The Pretty Dresses


SO MANY PRETTY DRESSES. That’s pretty much how I felt all night last night, and also like I should have knocked my child out somehow, because he was still bouncing around like nobody’s business come 10 pm. I’ll be regretting that all day, I can tell. The red carpet is my favourite part of the Oscars for two reasons: one, pretty, and two, I can’t stay awake much later than that. I managed to keep my eyes open long enough to see Jared Leto’s speech (Jared, call me!), Pharrell’s performance (which triggered and impromptu living room jammies dance party), and Frozen take home Best Animated Feature, and then I decided it was time for F to go to bed and I fell asleep lying with him. So. Oops.

For a stretch of time, I felt like all the dresses we were seeing were kind of snore-worthy and in spite of having a really hard time narrowing down my favourites, I have to say, I felt overall like the dresses weren’t as exciting as in year’s past. Maybe I’m just grumpy from lack of sleep.

Hands down, Lupita Nyong’o’s dress was my favourite last night. She looked absolutely stunning, and you just can’t not love her when you hear her explain how the colour “brings her home” to Nairobi. Love. A lot of people didn’t love the headband, but I thought she looked sensational from head to toe. Also, LOOK AT HER ARMS! Amazing.

Cate Blanchett was a vision (no surprise there) in her sequined gown, and I loved vintage-y waves. I’m fairly confident this woman just never goes wrong.

Sandra Bullock’s dress could arguably fall into the “too safe” category, but I thought she knocked it out of the park in that silhouette, and the deep navy is stunning against her skin. Plus, it’s Sandra Bullock and she’ll always have a place in my heart post-Miss Congeniality.

Hate is a strong word, but that’s kind of how I felt about Emma Watson’s hair, for some reason. Her dress, on the other hand, was amazing.

Viola Davis looked incredible in that teal-y green number, although I do have to admit that I’m not totally head-over-heels for the satin-y finish. She was gorgeous either way though. AND THAT HAIR. Swoon.

Kelly Ripa’s dress was so cute! The colour is absolutely stunning on her and I like the neckline and sleevesthe red carpet is always inundated with sleevelessness. The white train is a fun extra, too.


Jennifer Garner is one of my favourite actresses, so I was sad that I didn’t love her dress. I’ll just wait here while you send a firing squad. Maybe it was the neckline? I’m not sure. She looks beautiful (it’s actually impossible for her not to), but the dress just isn’t doing it.

Since I spent the evening in snow-leopard pajamas and a watermelon-printed towel on my head, I really don’t think I should pass judgment on these dresses, but here you have it . . . 

Julia Roberts’ dress made me think of a witch costume with the lace coming up the bust and the weird peplum. As another one of my favourite actresses, it makes me sad to even be saying this.

It could be that I don’t love Anne Hathaway, but I really don’t love this dress. I don’t love the whole look, actually. She’s so . . . stiff. And that shape is tired on hershe wore it last year, too.  

My least-favourite look of the night was Anna Kendrick’s. The back of her dress was cute, but as a whole it was really confusing. The one short side, the ruffles, the cutouts? I dunno. Maybe I *am* grumpy? 


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So, what was your favourite (or least favourite) look from the Oscars? 


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