21 Pieces of Proof 90s TV Had Way Too Much Influence on You

If this is you, you had an awesome teenage experience

21 Pieces of Proof 90s TV Had Way Too Much Influence on You

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You ever hit someone with a sock stuffed in another sock.

Or you've ever said... "I knew about Jim Carrey before he was cool."

Thanks for the eyebleach, In Living Color!

You were a dedicated watcher of Animaniacs, mostly because you and your friends were keeping track of things that they got by the censors in a kid's show.

You ever yelled SPOOOOON!

You got into debates with girlfriends about which Power Ranger was hotter. And poor Billy never made the cut.

You couldn't figure out why Scully was being so stubborn in light of all that obvious evidence stuff was going on.

I mean, look at this binary picture made by a kid watching static on his TV. COME ON, WOMAN.

You owe Seinfeld for at least some practical knowledge of male anatomy.

And Frasier for the deadpan humor and sarcasm that you still have to this day.

Red Foreman holds a special place in your heart.


But you had an inexplicable, irrational hatred of THIS character.

For years, you thought this was the best talk show on TV.

You ever did an impression of Urkel. And have buried all memory of it. 

The Olsen twins are somehow fixed in your brain as being this many years old.

And you remember the lyrics to the song that go along with this photo.

You had a girl crush on Candace Bergen and still think Murphy Brown is a paragon of powerful women.

Most real life shenanigans in the news and politics can make you think of at least one relateable Simpsons episode. Even this many years later.

The drama of Melrose Place was your guilty pleasure.

90s alison parker melrose place heather locklear amanda woodward

Annnnnd... so was this family.

married with children al bundy kelly bundy peg bundy bud bundy

You also thought Rosanne Barr made some excellent points about the kind of jobs you were working after school.

roseanne television roseanne barr

roseanne television roseanne barr

You will cut a bitch who argues that Inner Light is not the best Star Trek TNG episode ever. And still get a little misty when you think of him playing the flute alone.

And last but not least, you still can't decide which of these two things made you bawl more.

Ross and Rachel break up.

Phoebe says good-bye to the triplets.

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Copycat Chick-Fil-A Chicken Nuggets

Eat your favourite southern fried chicken in the great white north

Copycat Chick-Fil-A Chicken Nuggets

How to eat your favourite southern fried chicken nuggets in the great white north. Homemade. So good. | YMCFood | Copycat Recipes |

As an American living in Canada, I'm often asked questions about whether or not I miss America. This especially happens when it's the middle of winter and people discover that I left Florida to come here (then they think I'm crazy). The answer is yes, there are things I miss about America. Funny enough, however, there are only a few things, and they are all food. Case in point: the story of how I introduced my son to knockoff Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets.

This whole recipe came to be because of a grocery store throwdown. You see, my son (who has food allergies) was upset because I wouldn’t buy the one brand of flavourless frozen slabs of “chicken fingers” that is safe for him to eat. I get that they’re “all natural,” with clearly readable ingredients, and I appreciate that, but dang, y’all. You could at least season them so they don't taste like the box... especially  when you have the gumption to actually charge $1 per frozen chicken finger. 

Anyway, I told my son I would make him some. My son has always been one of the first people out there to tell me that he thinks I’m an amazing superwoman who can make anything. I don’t know whether he truly in doubt or was just laying on the cussedness cause I told him no, but he insisted that I couldn’t make chicken fingers and actually bet his entire piggy bank against me.

Honey, mommy grew up in the Southern U.S. AMERIKUH. Knowing how to make fried chicken, and all its subsidiaries like chicken fingers, is practically the law. In other words…

Challenge Accepted Meme

This is where I now blow your minds by divulging the super secret (okay not so secret) ingredient that makes Chick-Fil-A such an addictive, delicious omgwtfbbq who would have thought such a crazy thing is possible and why don't we have it in Canada yet thing. Wait. Hold up. First you gotta summon the man to do this.

Yes. The secret ingredient is pickles. Or more specifically: pickle brine. That thing you pour down the drain after you take the pickles out.

Now before you flake out and write me a bunch of hate mail like "EWWWW" I am telling you. THIS IS A THING. A delicious, delicious thing. And given that I know how you feel about dill pickle chips and brined pork back bacon (that delicious thing that becomes “peameal” here and Canadian bacon to everyone else), I really think you should hop on this train. I’m a Southern Belle in Canada. You can trust me on matters of food.

Now here is where you ask the shocked question: WON'T IT TASTE LIKE PICKLES?!

No. The brine makes the chicken tender, moist, and delicious, seasoned with the barest hint of mustard and dill. Behold, a way to make fried chicken in all its forms. Heck, you might even want to brine your chicken before roasting, too. Feel free to use this on chicken cutlets to make sandwiches, homemade chicken fingers, and popcorn chicken (as I did).

My kid conceded that maybe mommy knew what she was doing with fried chicken, by the way.

How to eat your favourite southern fried chicken nuggets in the great white north. Homemade. So good. | YMCFood | Copycat Recipes |

Copycat Chick-Fil-A Chicken Nuggets



1 cup store bought pickle brine (or 1 cup homemade pickle brine)
4 Boneless, skinless chicken breasts, sliced into nuggets or strips
2 cups oil suitable for frying (I like to use light olive or canola,  however the official fry oil of choice at Chick-Fil-A is refined peanut oil)
3/4 cup all purpose flour
4 tsp icing sugar
1 1/2 tsp paprika
3/4 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp onion powder
1/4 tsp table salt
1 egg
1 tbsp milk


 Combine the chicken and brine in a dish or shallow pan, cover, and marinate in the fridge for a minimum of 2 hours or up to 24.

 When ready to fry the chicken, discard the brine, and combine the egg and milk in a small bowl.

 Combine the rest of the dry ingredients in another bowl with tall sides. Dip the chicken in the egg/milk mixture before coating with the combined flour and seasonings.

 Heat the cooking oil in a tall-sided pan or pot over medium-high heat. Oil is hot enough when a piece of chicken dropped into it simmers.

 Fry the chicken pieces a handful at a time, or up to two cutlets at a time, until lightly golden on both sides and cooked through (about 3-4 minutes). Remove to a paper towel to drain.

 If a dark golden brown colour is desired, fry the pieces a second time after a brief rest for about 1 minute.

How to eat your favourite southern fried chicken nuggets in the great white north. Homemade. So good. | YMCFood | Copycat Recipes |

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