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Move Your Body Change Your Mind

Exercising to feel good

Move your body, change your mind. It's really that simple. If we move our body, get active, or exercise, then we can change our mindset.

It’s extremely rare that I hear a person saying “Wow, I’m feeling pretty negative right now,” after finishing a workout. Exercise is good for us. Not just because it keeps our body healthy, or gives us the energy we need to play with our kids, run our household, get through the workday, or whatever else we have going on. It tends to give us a lift, and helps put a positive spin on life. I’d say the overwhelming majority of the time when people finish exercising; they’re saying something along the lines of: “I feel good.”

And that’s what the FEEL GOOD PROJECT is all about, isn’t it? Feeling good. (If you missed the first instalment, check it out by clicking this link)

So, here’s your new task to feel good:

Make a quick list of the top 5 forms of exercise that you LOVE to do and that you can fit into your daily life. And let me clarify: being able to fit the things on your list into your daily life is vital. So, if you’re landlocked and windsurfing is on your list, you might want to figure out something a little more accessible. And if you’re not into “traditional fitness”, think outside the box. Getting on the swings at the local playground, skipping down the street with your daughter, doing obstacle courses with your kids, or taking nature hikes with the family are all great forms of exercise.

Post this list somewhere you will see it every day.

And here’s the most important part of feeling good. DO one of these five things every day. It can be for 5 minutes or an hour. But the important thing is that you do it. You will not regret it.

I guarantee, if you move your body, your mind will thank you. And you will feel good. Let me know what you’re doing to feel good this week!

Here’s my list:

I’m off for a walk today. How about you?