Annabel Fitzsimmons: Meditating Mummy


Motherhood and Yoga

Revelations of a mom from her yoga mat

Despite having practiced yoga for many years, I’m constantly surprised at the revelations I have on the mat – both the smaller "a-ha!" moments to the greater "scream-it-from–the-rooftop!" realizations.

Well, I had a revelation today.

I’m not sure where on the spectrum today’s revelation falls. The realization felt like a rediscovery of something I have always known - like a moment of déjà vu or the experience of an unfolding dream in which you seem to know what will happen a split second before it does.

This morning I took a yoga class that focused on strength and balance, neither of which you can achieve effectively without some degree of flexibility. We were working through a series of poses that required stamina and concentration but also the ability to find ease in the movements. At one point in the flow of postures, I was moving with grace and agility, and then through other parts of my practice I felt wobbly, awkward and off-balance.

As I lay down in savasana (final relaxation) I was struck by this – that what I described above regarding my yoga practice is also true about the experience of motherhood. Each requires strength, balance, and flexibility. There are some days or moments that I handle being a mom with grace and ease and other days or moments when I feel awkward, wobbly and completely off-balance.

But the important thing is to just show up, be present, and breathe it in.