Annabel Fitzsimmons: Meditating Mummy


Feel Good With Meditation

Half the Battle is Showing Up, But You Will Be Glad You Did

As you can probably glean from the “Meditating Mummy” moniker, I meditate. I find it a grounding practice, an effective way to get rid of all the mental junk that fills my mind on a daily basis. I marvel at how quickly my mind refills with clutter, and meditation is something I imagine I’ll be doing for the rest of my life.

But I wasn’t an easy convert. My parents used to call me “wriggle bum”, referring to the fact that I could not sit still for longer than a nanosecond. I have also been described as a “busy bee”, a “dynamo”, and a few other names that imply fast movement. So when I began my love affair with this whole yoga thing, my family and friends were surprised. Although I quickly learned the physical postures and breathing techniques of yoga, meditation was a harder sell. I resisted it. And resisted it…

Until my first month-long yoga teacher training, where I had to sit in meditation for up to four hours a day. The first few days were torture, but as time went on I began to look forward to the daily meditation sessions. And meditation became one of my favourite parts of my personal yoga practice.

Even now, although I could still be called the “wriggle bum” that I have always been, I find time to meditate wherever I can. Sometimes it’s in the ideal place – seated in a quiet space - but at other times I find ways to meditate “on the go”.

Regardless of how or where I’m meditating, I’ve never finished a meditation and felt lousy. There is a peace that comes with it, a centredness, a firm footing and sense of clarity. And this, to me, feels good.

If you're up for it, here's the first step:

Meditate every day.

It could be for 5 minutes or it could be for 20 minutes. It matters less where or how you meditate, half the battle is just showing up.

And please, let me know how it feels.

If you need a little more guidance, The Chopra Centre regularly offers 21-day FREE meditation challenges. You’ll get a meditation delivered to your inbox every day which is a helpful reminder.