Annabel Fitzsimmons: Meditating Mummy


Choosing the Positive Thought

Positivity to Feel Good

What we think determines how we feel. It makes sense, right? If we are constantly telling ourselves negative messages, odds are we’re not going to feel good about ourselves. A constant stream of thoughts like, “I feel fat” or “I wish I was in better shape” or “I really need to lose 10 lbs” sit within us like lead weights, and create a mindset or self-image that is not positive.

Sometimes we’re not even conscious of the messages we’re saying to ourselves. They’ve become so commonplace that they are simply our go-to commentary when we look in the mirror, try on clothes, or get ready to go out of the house.

This week’s task for the feel-good project is to be aware. Listen to any negative messages you tend to repeat to yourself. And then come up with something positive to replace them with.

The more positive messages we give ourselves, the better we feel, and, as a result, the more positive thoughts we have. And so the cycle goes on. Positive thinking begets more positive thinking. By diving into the positivity cycle we can refresh the way we think. And that can FEEL GOOD. Which is what the Feel Good Project is all about, right?!