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5 Yoga Poses You Really Want to Know

Postures To Help You Stay Grounded Amidst The Messiness Of Motherhood

5 yoga poses every mom should know

As I traverse the path of motherhood, I am constantly reminded of the ways in which yoga has saved my sanity. There have been days when yogic breathing has pulled me back from the brink, and nights when I have relied upon the power of relaxation to get me through the bedtime shenanigans. For every posture I’ve practiced I could tell a thousand stories. Instead of boring you with tales of which poses helped me through which milestones, I’ve compiled a list of five yoga poses every mother of young children should have in her arsenal, and why.

The Warrior

This pose is to keep you strong, grounded and balanced.  It will train you to remain powerful—yet seemingly open and at ease— when your kids are pushing the boundaries, when your calendar has no white space left, and when your house looks like a tornado hit it. Strike this pose to remind yourself that you are a warrior. You’ve got this.


The Seated Twist

This pose is to keep you flexible and open to the twists and curveballs that the parenthood throws at you. The seated twist helps you maintain a supple spine, as well as flexibility in the neck, chest and back. It also gives you the ability to rotate your neck and spine safely to break up any sibling fights that occur in the back seat of the car.


The Forward Bend

This pose is about flexibility, patience, and the breath. The single-legged forward bend trains you to be comfortable with what your body can do today and to use your breath to ease into the pose. Just as trying to force a child to hurry up and do [insert pretty much any task here] will inevitably have a negative result, trying to force yourself into this pose will only end in pain. So when you’re waiting on the children to get dressed, brush their teeth and get out the door in the morning, channel the patience and breath of the forward bend, and it might just save your sanity.


Child’s Pose

This pose is for refuelling your energy reserves and refreshing some much-needed mom resources. Think of child’s pose as the reset button on your computer, or as a little time-out for yourself. Not only does it relax your body, your mind, and help calm your central nervous system, but the physical position prevents you from seeing any of the chaos around you. So, when nuttiness ensues, tell the kids you’re just going to assume the child’s pose. Odds are, they might even join you for a few moments of peace.


Savasana or Corpse Pose

This is the most important pose for any mom. It is the pose you practice to find complete stillness in your body. It might take your mind a while to stop moving, but by mastering savasana you will learn to take solace in the act of doing nothing except being and breathing. It’s a great pose to come into at the end of a busy day or, in more extreme moments, when your child is throwing a temper tantrum. Savasana is ideally practiced when you can take advantage of some quiet time alone, but—as I’ve learned from personal experience—it is entirely possible to become a master at striking savasana while your kids crawl all over you.

If you want to know more about savasana, here's the true meaning behind why it's called corpse pose. And if you're looking to take a yoga class at a local studio but have no idea where to start, I've got some tips on how to find the right yoga class