Annabel Fitzsimmons: Meditating Mummy


Outdoor Yoga

A Yoga Sequence For The Summer

Summer. The word conjures up images of sunshine, water, heat, the outdoors. Most of us spend the better part of our year looking forward to summertime and all that goes along with it.

One of my favourite things about summer is my outdoor yoga practice. Feeling the fresh air on my skin, listening to the sounds of nature, and feeling the ground beneath my feet. I practice in my backyard, on a dock, in a park, by a lake, wherever I can. Sometimes my kids will join me, sometimes they’ll just climb all over me, and sometimes I enjoy the peacefulness of a solo practice.

Whether we’re practicing on our own or as a family, when we take our poses outside we can experience yoga in a completely different way. Our senses are heightened, and we become more aware of not just our own movements but the movements of everything around us. Since our bodies aren’t confined by the limitations of a room or studio, we can physically feel the earth beneath us, we can reach up towards the sky and open ourselves up to the nature we’re surrounded by. By deepening our connection to the outdoors, we can in turn deepen the awareness of our own practice.

If you want to “get grounded” with an outdoor yoga practice, I’ve put together a series of poses you can try. Get outside, take a deep breath, put your hands together in prayer position, and enjoy this rejuvenating summer sequence. 

1. Easy-Seated Pose - Close your eyes and for 1-2 minutes focus simply on your breathing.

2. Sun Salutations (10 repeats) 

For #3 through #10, hold each pose for 5-10 deep breaths

3. Warrior I

4. Warrior II

5. Extended Triangle Pose

6. Half-Moon Pose

7. Tree Pose             

8. Cobra Pose

9. Child's Pose

10. Half Lord of the Fishes

11. Corpse Pose Allow yourself to stay in Corpse pose (for final relaxation) for at least 5 minutes.

If you're looking for something else to do this summer that's good for your soul, why not put aside some time for daydreaming?