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Would You Hire A Male Babysitter?

Boys Can Do Anything Girls Can Do

I started babysitting at an early age. I moved in with my Dad and his third wife when their first baby—a girl!—was not quite two. My stepmom was pregnant with their second child, and a few months later there was a boy in the house.

I remember the first time I took my wee baby brother to change his diaper. I took everything off and was confronted with something new.

Me: "What do I do???"

Mom: "Wipe around it!"

Fast forward a bunch of years, and my firstborn baby is eleven. He can legally babysit other human beings, and he completed a course this past weekend that makes him an official Babysitter.

My boy has always been great with kids. His younger brother arrived when he was twenty months old, and he was beyond happy that he had his very own BEE (Baby) in the house. As he's grown older, he's been the favourite with our friends' younger kids. He'll hang out with the wee ones when we have a get-together, and he loves to volunteer in the nursery at church.

He's looking forward to babysitting, now that he's completed his course, but I think I may have to temper his enthusiasm. I think that female babysitters may be the first choice for the majority of people, based on what I've seen.

Would you hire a boy to babysit your kids? Why or why not?


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